Buyer Centric
Dynamic Discounting
The FinShare’s Dynamic Discounting is designed to offer buyers the option of giving early payment in exchange of receiving a discount from seller. Finshare allows buyer and seller initiate dynamic discount offer and negotiate on the discount rate. The software supports traditional static terms or sliding scale or combination of these two.
How Dynamic Discounting works
1 The buyer submits the invoices for processing and payment through FinShare.
2 Seller requests invoice assignment or financing, indicating their intention to leverage the invoices for working capital.
3 The buyer instructs the bank to initiate the remittance process, transferring the payment amount to the seller's designated account.
4 The remittance amount is deducted from the buyer's account and simultaneously credited to the seller's account, finalizing the payment transaction.
How FinShare Uses Dynamic Discounting to Benefit You
Learn more below about how FinShare uses Dynamic Discounting to benefit businesses and optimize financial health. FinShare's proprietary technology streamlines the Dynamic Discounting process, making it faster and more efficient for businesses.
Additionally, FinShare offers personalized support and guidance to ensure that businesses are making the most of their financing options and optimizing their financial health.
Increased Cash Flow for Buyers and Sellers
FinShare enables increased cash flow for both buyers and sellers, providing a robust platform for efficient financing and payment processing, leading to improved liquidity and financial stability.
Enhanced Returns on Available Capital for Buyers
With FinShare, buyers gain the opportunity to obtain higher returns on their available capital. By leveraging dynamic discounting and early payment options provided by the platform, buyers can optimize cash utilization and capitalize on favorable financial terms.
Strengthened Buyer-Seller Relationships
By utilizing FinShare, buyers can foster stronger relationships with sellers, as the platform streamlines invoice processing, enables early payment options, and facilitates transparent communication, resulting in mutually beneficial collaborations.
Accelerated Utilization of Working Capital for Sellers
FinShare empowers sellers to utilize their working capital sooner rather than later. By accessing flexible financing options, expedited payment processing, and simplified invoice management, sellers can effectively manage their cash flow needs and seize growth opportunities with ease.
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