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Trade Finance
The FinShare platform seamlessly accommodates both Conventional Trade Finance and Islamic Trade Finance, leveraging cutting-edge technology to provide access to the latest trade products and solutions.
Trade finance represents the financial instruments and products used by companies to facilitate international trade and commerce. With trade finance, importers and exporters can more easily transact business through trade.
How FinShare Uses Trade Finance to Benefit You
Premium Technology’s proprietary technology streamlines the Trade Finance process, increasing speed and efficiency. We offer personalized guidance and support, ensuring that businesses are making the most of their financing options.
Learn more below about how Trade Finance in the FinShare platform helps banks, benefits businesses, and optimize financial health in the supply chain.
Streamlined Client Interface
Our portal offers clients and partners easy access to their trade finance transactions. Initiate online transaction applications, check transaction statuses in real time, receive notifications, and more.
Document Management
Supporting documents in the form of PDF, Word, JPG, and more can easily be uploaded for submission, storage and retrieval, improving document management and reducing paperwork.
Clear Visibility of Transaction Requests
Banks can easily identify transaction requests initiated by the client electronically in FinShare via the dashboard on the home screen.
Workflow Engine
Business is driven by workflow engine, which provides mechanisms such as process design, process query and process allocations.
Expiry Notifications and Exception Warnings
Our system supports a variety of alerts, including automatic transaction expiration prompts, report entry prompts, automatic task expiration alerts, batch task exception alerts, and more.
Standard Output Templates
The system provides standard output templates, including documents, SWIFT messages, and more. All outputs support customization and PDF, Word, and Excel export print.
Transaction Risk Control
Reduce transaction risk with Trade Finance in FinShare by screening transaction elements, i.e., Blacklist Screening.
Robust Reporting
System enables easy extraction of multiple reports from a single screen for banks and clients.
Security Management
FinShare uploads robust security measures in order to protect sensitive trade finance data and maintain data privacy, providing information security for banks and clients.
Integration Capabilities
System is capable of integrating with core banking systems, SWIFT Alliance, and third-party applications facilitating connectivity and data exchange.
Multiple Language Support
The FinShare system supports multiple languages.
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