Document Preparation

What is Document Preparation?

PTI's Document Preparation System (DocPrep) is a platform for banks to provide trade services documents for exporters who use L/C’s, Open Account, Collection, etc to move goods. The Document Preparation application can be utilized as a stand-alone, but it is an integral part of our Purchase Order Tracking System.

With Premium's DocPrep system, you will be able to deliver discrepancy free documents in a cost effective way and also significantly lower Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) in the supply chain.


Benefits of the FinShare Solution

  • Web-based access allowing approved parties, even 3rd parties (insurance providers, etc), access to the system through a standard web interface.

  • Speeds up documents preparation with minimum intervention to data entry.

  • Streamlines compliance check against documents.

  • Customizable document library, provides common document templates (Bill of Lading, invoices, packing lists, etc). It also supports customized templates by users.

  • A document rules engine to manage the required documents. The rules workflow follows and enforces the bank's internal policies.

  • Presents discrepancy-free documents.

  • The application supports digital signature.

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