Distributor Finance

What is Distributor Finance?

FinShare’s Distributor Finance is a non-recourse financing solution in which Sellers can request for early payments, easily manage invoice funding, and utilize the Buyer’s line of credit. Our FinShare Distributor Finance also provides capital to Buyers in order to cover costs of stored inventory and receivables prior to sales to retailers or customers.


1. Seller creates invoices.

2. Seller requests for early payment.

3. Buyer invoice pavment.

4. Bank issues loan

a. Bank credits Buyer for loans taken out by Buyer covering inventory storage.

b. Bank credits Seller for loans taken out by Buyer covering receivables.

5.Buyer repays loan upon maturity.

Benefits of the FinShare Solution

  • Increases DPO for Buyers through loan extension option.

  • Increased credit availability for Buyers.

  • Decreases DSO for Sellers through early payment financing.

  • Facilitates the fostering of better relationships between Buyers and Sellers.

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