Dynamic Discounting

What is Dynamic Discounting?

The FinShare Dynamic Discounting tool is designed to provide Buyers with the option of funding early payment discounts on invoices awaiting payment to Sellers. The dynamic aspect of this feature stems from the variable discount amounts in relationship to flexible early payment dates. In the typical use of Dynamic Discounting, the earlier the payment, the higher the discount.


1. Buyer uploads invoices.

2. Seller requests for early payment at offered discounted rate.

3. Buyer instructs Bank to send remittance to Seller.

4. Remittance is debited from Buyer’s account and credited to Seller’s account.

Benefits of the FinShare Solution

  • Increases cash flow for both Buyers and Sellers.

  • Buyers can foster better relationships with Sellers.

  • Buyers can obtain higher returns on available capital.

  • Sellers can utilize working capital sooner rather than later.

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