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FinShare Overview
Our FinShare solution provides banks with a client facing software platform that supports financing of invoices, payables, inventory and purchase orders– some driven by suppliers and others by buyers.  It is unique in the industry for its breadth of coverage and flexibility to accommodate specialized requirements.  As a result, lenders can customize their product offering by region, industry and client credit worthiness.  Banks who use FinShare may choose from among the following product modules:
  •     Supplier Finance (Reverse Factoring)
  •     Receivables Financing
  •     P.O. Management & Financing
  •     Bank Payment Obligation (BPO)
  •     Factoring
  •     Asset Based Lending
  •     Risk Participation
  •     Document Preparation (DocPrep)
FinShare tracks the limits of both the buyer and seller, manages fees/interest, supports automated data uploads, image/documentation attachments, etc.  The system is client facing, 100% J2EE (Java) and in use worldwide.  FinShare is made available either via traditional software license or a variety of usage based options:
  •     • Software License
    •             Perpetual (no renewal necessary)
    •             Unlimited # of users
    •             Unlimited # of transactions
  •     • Usage Based
    •             Cloud Based
    •             Customer Hosted (Application Management)
    •             Third Party Hosted
  FinShare Suite Illustration
Find more information on some of our hosting services here.

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